Leonida Kombo

Daystar University, Kenya

I am an adventurous 22 year old lady who is always curious to know how things work. I enjoy experiences that give me the opportunity to learn new things. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I am very talkative and enjoy being with people.

I am interested in film mainly because I love how this channel of communication can be used to communicate serious issues and package them in a manner that has more emotional appeal than any other medium hence making people feel more connected to certain situations.

I really enjoy singing and learning how to cook different kinds of foods, I find it very relaxing. Some of my achievements include my experience working in different communication related fields while at school ,such as team building, being a communication officer, event organization and being a radio presenter.

I was also lucky to have participated in an exchange program organized by our school where I studied in Kosin University in South Korea for a year. I enjoyed the experience as I got to learn a lot about Korean culture. I also made friends from other countries and got the opportunity to understand their worldviews.

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