Alissar Daher

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

My name is Alissar Daher. I am both Lebanese and Australian, but I have lived in Lebanon most of my life. As an undergraduate student, I studied business administration at AUB, emphasis in marketing. I also did a minor in political science. After completing two summer internships, one at L'Oreal and another at Thomson Reuter, I decided to Pursue a masters degree in media studies. Since then I have been a graduate assistant at the Media Studies department at AUB. My main interests revolve around issues related to gender and sexuality, North African minorities in Europe, and politics in the Arab world. I aspire to work in the industry, mainly in fields related to marketing, advertising, editing, PR etc. At later stages, I would also enjoy a career in academia. I enjoy photography a great deal, especially while traveling. I also love reading, writing and singing.

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