John Cottrell

Bournemouth University, UK

My name is John Cottrell. I am a British citizen born and raised in Greece with a Serbian background. I am currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University and throughout my academic career I have found myself more interested in learning about politics and discussing topics concerning global current affairs and international relations. If you think about it, these three aspects are highly responsible for the different qualities of life people get to live in this world and for this reason I decided to get more into it. However I was initially driven towards these interests by history and philosophy which I like to read about and learn. I aspire to become a politics and international relations journalist/analyst and this goal demands hard work and devotion from me. I consider myself confident and a good communicator and I am keen on meeting new people. I am excited that I will get to meet other students from all around the world and I am looking forward to working with them in a positive spirit and, of course, enjoy the experience. To you, fellow students, get ready for some good twenty days that you will remember!

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