Laura Rogers

Bournemouth University, UK

I am a 20 year old university student, originally from Bedfordshire in England. I have had an interest in performing arts and singing, as well as reading and creative writing, from a early age. A personal ambition of mine is to write and publish my own fiction book for young adult readers. I am excited by the recent developments in digital media, including online journalism, and I aspire to incorporate this into my career path. I am fascinated by the power of the media to allow the voices of people to be heard and I believe we can use this to help more people across the world. I am keen to develop my knowledge of news journalism. I enjoy running my own online blog which I aspire to develop over time. I have also become interested in a career in the publishing industry as I have a passion for written storytelling. On my blog I review a lot of young adult fiction books as I believe young readers can learn a lot from reading whilst enjoying the characters and story. I am excited to travel and explore Salzburg and I love meeting new people.

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