Augustinas Sukys

Bournemouth University, UK

I was always interested in politics and global current affairs. Since I have started my degree of Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University I have tried to get involved as much as possible. Last year I went to Guatemala to learn Spanish. I have used this opportunity for intense Spanish lessons while living with a local Guatemalan family. While studying Spanish I also had the opportunity to learn about the issues that Central America has to deal with, like corruption, drug war, poverty and disaster relief. I have also travelled to Belize, a former British colony in Central America, solely to learn how the government works in a small developing nation. I found my way into the Belize Parliament and local TV station in Belmopan to learn how journalism works there and how the citizens are informed about the work of the government. All my extracurricular activities are focused on global current affairs. While attending school in Lithuania I took the National European Exam, which is designed to test the knowledge of politics and internal conflicts of the EU and two years in a row I won first place in the country. In between my studies at BU, I have gained an online Negotiation and Conflict Management Certificate from United States Institute of Peace. It helped me to understand the nature and structure of conflicts in different parts of the world, from conflict in the Middle East to the minor conflicts in Europe. I hope that all these experiences will help to get a good job in major television news network become a better journalist.

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