Maryam Ghaddar

Communications Intern, Salzburg Global Seminar

I earned my bachelor's degree in General Education at the University of Wyoming and worked as a 3rd grade English teacher in Saida, Lebanon for two years. Although the job had its rewards, I felt that my skills as an observant and diligent writer would be better served in journalism and news writing. I decided to earn a Master's degree in Media Studies at the American University of Beirut so that one day, I could build myself up to work in an international newspaper or journal. My specific field of interest is cultural and visual arts, but due to my background in teaching, my research is grounded in melding my two passions together: children and the media. I have experience in writing and presenting the news for a minor TV channel, where I was a news editor and anchorwoman, presenting on mostly world politics. While participating in that environment and being actively in charge of a newsroom was extremely beneficial, I am determined to explore vast realms of the world and dedicate myself to expressing both the world's beauty and suffering through my writing. The Salzburg Academy is a major stepping stone in achieving that goal.

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