Maream Jena Nabut

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Ever since I was young I've always believed in justice. From this point, I decided to study journalism to let the voice of Palestine reach the world through letting them know about the Israeli occupation. This made me study my bachelor in journalism, minor political science in Birzeit University- Palestine and graduate in 2013 with a grade of very good.


During my studies I couldn't not participate and volunteer in the media field, so I worked on myself very hard to learn about radio, newspapers, news agencies, social media and a little bit about TV. I worked almost in all of them if not for a long while, for a short period of time. This increased my knowledge in media and let me continue my masters and in the future looking forward to doing my PhD also in journalism.


In the future, I want to teach in Birzeit university, benefit my country, and raising a good generation through giving them the chance to know about media as much as possible. Moreover, I would want to be a media researcher to research about media in Palestine since I believe there is a lack in research in media in Palestine.

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