Sheilla Cohen

Iberoamericana University, Mexico

Despite, I was born in a Jewish environment, it wasn't exactly a traditional one. In the family I was raised, I got two different backgrounds. As an assimilated marriage, my mother got converted to Judaism before I was born for both love and respect to my father.


Even though, my parents tried to raise me with only one ideology, as a sensitive person I could perceive their disagreements. The difference in their way of thinking became a constant dispute in their marriage, anyhow, we moved to Madrid, to open our eyes, as my parents told me several times.


Back then, I didn't understand what they were doing, I could not picture my life away from my friends from school, my family and mostly the place where I had lived my entire short life.


Now that I see it in retrospective, I try to understand them, they were trying their best to raise my sister and I with moral values, that lack so often today. On the other hand, they were trying to keep our doors open to different life opportunities. Mostly because, the Jewish community in Mexico City is considered one of the most closed community in the world. They segregate themselves from the Mexican society, and they even segregate themselves from within their own community, depending on their lineage.


I'm grateful to my parents for that experience because it changed my entire perspective on life. It made me an open thinking individual. I like to think that, even though one's background defines the person you are. I can choose the person I want to become in the future.

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