Samira Makki

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

I've been a human for the last 21 years. I come from Lebanon, a country that is mostly known for its 1975 civil war, but i choose to see it from a different perspective. i choose to refer to Lebanon as the country in which i found inspiration just by looking at people's faces and creating background stories in my head about them and how they carry on with their everyday lives. My favorite city is Beirut, i love its diversity, its chaos, the perseverance of its people,and their incessant hope. This is my first year as a graduate assistant at AUB, currently pursuing my MA in media studies. i have a BA in Communication Arts (Radio and TV)

I'm personally interested in film studies, theater and visual culture, and i would love to pursue a career in experimental film making one day. I believe that images are not solely visual (it depends on the context in which the image is placed), and that what makes it even more interesting to study films and images. Two of my favorite filmmakers are Jean-Luc Godard and Elia Suleiman.

Finally i would like to thank AUB for giving me this opportunity to be here today, with people from all over the world, sharing our experiences and learning from one another in such a beautiful place.

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