Chawk Chamoun

American University of Beirut, Lebanon

I come from a scientific background in which I choose to link the scientific laws and discoveries to history and culture. For me, science and literary works complete each others. I am highly interested in new technologies, especially the green ones, as to improve and reduce the damage we are causing today. Science is a passion, but I see in it art as well. Biology is for example the art of creation. I am fond of theology, discovering the worldwide cultures, but I also follow how communication arts are linked mostly to politics. I love nature, I feel connected to it. It has this hypnotic power over us through its beauty.

I study Chemical Engineering (BE) at the American University of Beirut, and I would like to become an important researcher in the new technologies field and discover new things. I would also like to reveal the truths hidden from us, whether politically, socially, etc. and engage in or lead philanthropist organizations. The human being's psychology fascinates me, we are all the same but yet, so different. Discovering, communicating and understanding the other is part of who I am. Finally, I find a lot of pleasure in learning as many languages as I can.

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