Marisa Haber

University of Maryland, USA

I am a rising junior at the University of Maryland where I am majoring in broadcast journalism and planning to minor in creative writing. I'm not yet sure where I want to take both of these specialties, but I want to use my love for writing and sharing stories, in both my career and everyday life. I am interested in learning new perspectives on issues/current events taking place in the US and internationally and learning the power the media has to affect people's understanding of these events, whether they are from the area being discussed, or an outsider looking in. I know that a lot of media I consume influences my opinions and comprehension of what is going on around me, so I'm curious to see how news organizations from different countries relay information to their citizens and how it may differ from what I'm reading. Outside of my major, I am involved in Alpha Phi Omega, the community service fraternity; Sigma Kappa, a social sorority; and CHAARG, a fitness club for women. All of these organizations have helped shape who I am today and what I value-- service is a huge part of my identity and it has always been important to me that I stay active in giving back to others; my sorority has taught me a lot about self-identity, discovering my core values, and finding others who share those values; and my fitness club has kept me inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle and push past all of the unrealistic body expectations women are exposed to in our culture. I'm so excited for this unique experience and I can't wait to meet everyone!

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