Richard Jackson


Richard Jackson is the co-director of the Center for Teacher Formation, a program of the Fetzer Institute, which prepares facilitators to lead “Courage to Teach” personal and professional renewal programs for teachers and leaders in America's public school systems. Mr. Jackson also directs programs in leadership formation for the Fetzer Institute, a private, operating foundation that supports research, education, and service programs that explore the integral relationship between body, mind, and spirit. Mr. Jackson is a consultant and teacher with The Institute for Creative Development, a think-tank and educational center in Seattle; The Whidbey Institute, an education center with programs focusing on the spiritual dimensions of the environmental crisis; the Search Institute, an independent research and educational organization in Minneapolis; and the YMCA, a worldwide voluntary association dedicated to building strong kids, families and communities, where he served for twenty-five years, including ten years as vice president for program development of the YMCA of greater Seattle. Mr. Jackson received a B.A. in history from St. Olaf College, Minnesota; an M.A.R. in social ethics from Yale Divinity School, Connecticut; and an M.Div. in theology from the United Theological Seminary, Minnesota.


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