Reza Mahdavi

Vice President and General Manager, Global Learning Network, Cisco Systems, San Jose, California

Reza MAHDAVI, San Jose, California Reza Mahdavi is vice president of corporate affairs and general manager of Cisco Systems, Inc. in San Jose, California, a position he has held since August of 2004. Mr. Mahdavi is responsible for creating the vision, architecture and the go to market strategy for The Cisco Global Learning Network solution Business unit. Prior to his current position, he was the vice president of Cisco Systems for Europe, Middle-East, and Africa, and, before that, was the director of operations for central and east regions consisting of all the counties in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern and Central Europe. He serves as an advisor for many senior government and business leaders in countries including Bahrain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, and Russia. Amongst other distinctions Mr. Mahdavi has been a permanent member of the Presidential and Advisory Council for President Mbeki of South Africa for the last five years.

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