Kanav Kahol

Division Head, Affordable Health Technologies Division at Public Health Foundation of India

Kanav Kahol works towards technology that can enable patients to become co-designers of their health by actively being participants in designing their health programs and prevention programs. He was an assistant professor in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering in Arizona State University and an assistant professor adjunct at Mayo Clinic. Broadly, his research in healthcare encompasses a wide spectrum of state of the art information technology, mobile technology and sensor technology for public health. It includes applications such as simulation and games for training and education, social networking tools, and feedback and monitoring systems that involve wearable sensors and mobile computing. He leverages these state of the art technologies to advance optimal human-machine symbiosis frameworks towards inculcating best practices in medical education and promoting patient compliance and patient access through information technology. Through rigorous testing and field experiments Kanav's research has successfully shown that use of such technology is crucial in medical education and practice. He also investigates the role of technology in informing public health policy and practice.


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