Manuela Macedonia

Neurolinguist, Institute for Information Engineering, University of Linz, Austria & Max Planck Institute for Human Brain Sciences Leipzig, Germany

Manuela Macedonia is a research scientist, currently working on the development and testing of intelligent agents, i.e. virtual animated figures teaching language on the base of neuroscientific findings. Her work focuses on embodiment of language, particularly on how the body and action can be used as a tool enhancing memory in second language education. Her research spans the breadth of applied linguistics, education, cognitive neuroscience and information engineering. She has published articles and books on diverse language topics and her aim is to unveil the fundamental cognitive basis of L2 learning processes and to develop efficient practice tools. Dr. Macedonia founded and still runs "Neuroscience for you" an Institute for the dissemination of neuroscientific knowledge into education.Dr. Macedonia holds an M.A. in Theoretical Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Cognitive Psychology from the University of Salzburg.