Felicia Lercari

Director, Music and the Brain. The 42nd Street Fund/ 42nd Street Development Corporation, New York, New Yor, United States

Lisha Lercari is the creator/director of Music and the Brain (MATB), a program started by the 42nd Street Fund, and given to schools on a grant basis. MATB has been used in 200 NYC public schools, 30 around the USA as well as in other countries. MATB students, mostly 5-8 year olds, learn to understand and appreciate the language of music, read music and play the piano. Ms. Lercari designed the materials, wrote the Piano Books and Teacher's Manuals, and produced/directed the CD recordings and videos. She holds a B.A. in Music Theory and an M.A. in Music Education from the Manhattan School of Music, and studied three years in Paris with Nadia Boulanger.