Arnold Tukker

Program Manager for Sustainable Innovation, TNO Built and Geosciences, Innovation and Environment, Delft; Project Manager, Sustainable Consumption Research Exchange (SCORE)

Arnold Tukker is project manager for the Sustainable Consumption

Research Exchange (SCORE!) and technology manager and the leader

of the market team "European and International Affairs" within TNO

Built Environment and Geosciences, Business Unit Innovation and

Environment, Delft, the Netherlands. He currently manages a research

program on transitions and system innovations, which during the 2006

scientific assessment exercise was evaluated as one of TNO's top ranking

programs. Dr. Tukker joined TNO in 1990, and has worked with TNO's

strategic innovation think tank, TNO Strategy, Policy, and Technology

(STB). Over time, his focus has shifted from waste management,

environmental impact assessment, life cycle assessment, material flow

analysis, and risk assessment to interactive policy making, sustainable

system innovation, and transition management. The author of "Frames in

the Toxicity Controversy: Risk Assessment and Policy Analysis related

to the Dutch Chlorine Debate and the Swedish PVC Debate," Dr. Tukker

is widely published and is a frequently speaker at conferences world

wide. In his 18-year career, he has played a leading role in the acquisition

of more than 15 Million Euro in research grants, including major EUfunded

programs Dr. Tukker holds a Ph.D. in philosophy of science from

Tilburg University, the Netherlands.


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