Nuh Yilmaz

Head of Quality Assurance, Al Jazeera Turk

Nuh Y?lmaz has widely published on Turkey's new foreign policy orientations, U.S. foreign policy, Turkish politics, energy security, US-Turkey relations, and is a frequent commentator for the Turkish media on these topics. He has taught aesthetics, critical theory, and Turkish Politics in the US and in Canada. Mr. Yilmaz has served as the Washington representative for Turkish media outlets STAR, 24 Haber, ATV and CNNTürk. He was the founding director of SETA Washington DC Office, and served as the executive director of SETA-DC between 2008-2011. Mr. Y?lmaz currently serves as the Head of Quality Assurance, Al Jazeera Turk. His comments and writings have been featured by major media outlets including Al-Jazeera English and Arabic, BBC, Washington Times, The National, and Foreign Policy. He received a B.S. in sociology from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, and completed a M.F.A in graphic design from Bilkent University. Nuh Yilmaz is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at George Mason University's Cultural Studies Program.