Anuradha Vittachi

Director, One World Broadcasting, Oxon, United Kingdom

Anuradha VITTACHI (Co-Chair) is director of the new OneWorld International

Foundation, inaugurated in December 1999. She is an internationally published author

and journalist. Born in Sri Lanka, Ms. Vittachi escaped into political exile with her

journalist family at the age of thirteen, to be educated in Kuala Lumpur, London,

and Oxford. Her articles on global issues have been published in journals all over

the world. Her books include Stolen Childhood: In Search of the Rights of the

Child, to accompany the Channel Four series of the same name, and Earth

Conference One, on global survival. Ms. Vittachi has also been an award-winning

television producer, her credits include the BBC documentaries on Oxfam’s aid to

India, and The Two-Edged Sword, on the global arms trade. As the founding editor

of OneWorld Online in 1995, she pioneered the development of the OneWorld

supersite. Along with Peter Armstrong, she was until recently a director of the

OneWorld Broadcasting Trust and OneWorld Online. In 1997, she was named

Woman of the Year in the United Kingdom.


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