Anton Pelinka

Professor, Institute for Political Science, University of Innsbruck; Director, Institute of Conflict Research, Vienna.

Anton PELINKA is professor of political science at the University of Innsbruck and director of the Institute of Conflict Research in Vienna. He was formerly the Austrian representative to the European Union's Commission on Racism and Xenophobia. Dr. Pelinka served as a Schumpeter Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University, USA, and has been a visiting professor at the University of New Orleans, and Nehru University in New Delhi, India. He is a former professor at the Pedagogical College of Berlin, Germany; the University of Essen, Germany, and the University of Salzburg. His research interests include democratic theory and the political system and political culture in Austria. His most recent book was entitled, Politics of the Lesser Evil: Leadership, Democracy and Jaruzelski's Poland (1999). He earned a doctorate of law from the University of Vienna. Dr. Pelinka served on the faculty of Salzburg Seminar Special Session, LAWSS 2000: Legal Aspects of Sovereignty in a Globalized World, 2000.

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