Moses Shumow

Assistant Professor of Journalism and Broadcasting, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Florida International University, USA

Moses SHUMOW is an assistant professor of journalism and broadcasting in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University. His current research is on the production and consumption of immigrant and Spanish-language media in South Florida and nationally. His work explores issues of international media, globalization, cultural hybridity, the sociology of journalism and transnational migration. He is also interested in issues of media literacy and the ways in which multimedia production can be incorporated into a classroom setting in order to help students learn the skills needed for critical-analytical thinking. His work has been published in the International Journal of Communication, Taiwan Journal of Democracy, Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Business, Media, Culture and Society, and the edited volume, News Literacy: Global Perspectives for the Newsroom and the Classroom. Prior to earning his Ph.D., he worked for nearly a decade in documentary production and was a member of production teams for nationally broadcast programs on PBS, Discovery Networks, History Channel and National Geographic.

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