Molly Hunter

Director, Education Justice, Education Law Center, Newark, NJ

Molly Hunter is a nationally recognized expert on issues of school funding litigation and education reform. She has written and spoken on these issues and is known for her advocacy of educational opportunity for disadvantaged students. Currently, she directs Education Justice, which supports litigators and other advocates across the country in efforts to improve educational opportunity and equitable school funding. With support from national foundations, Molly has built a network of advocates in over 40 states. Education Justice also leads the annual Litigators' Workshop.

Molly has researched and published case studies on education advocacy, as well as articles on cost studies and "highly qualified" teachers. Education Law Center has become the foremost source of support services for attorneys in educational opportunity litigations and related issues, including the need for high quality preschool.

Before leading Education Justice, Molly directed the National Access Network at Teachers College, Columbia University, and practiced education and employment law in New York City. She represented a large class of students with disabilities and employee plaintiff classes in Title VII discrimination suits. As a member of the team of attorneys on the New York quality education case, she represented the plaintiffs in Campaign for Fiscal Equity v. State.

Before practicing law, Molly was a CPA. She has a J.D. from New York University's School of Law and a B.A. from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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