Michael Morgan

Chief Executive, The Wellcome Trust Genome Campus at Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Michael Morgan is head of Directly Managed Major Initiatives at The Wellcome Trust in London and also chief executive of The Wellcome Trust Genome Campus at Hinxton, Cambridge. Under the Major Initiatives programme he is responsible for the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford, and for development of the Synchrotron Project, a joint project with the United Kingdom.'s Office of Science & Technology. The Genome Campus consists of three independent institutions: the Sanger Centre (genome sequencing), the European Bioinformatics Institute and the Human Genome Mapping Resource Centre. The Campus also provides facilities for a scientific conference programme and for advanced training courses in modern research techniques. Dr. Morgan graduated in biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin and obtained his Ph.D. in studies of microbial carbohydrate metabolism from Leicester University, U.K. He was a participant at Salzburg Seminar Special Session Philanthropy: Public and Private Responsibility and the Culture of Giving, 1995.


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