Paul Sowden

Reader and Director of ILLUME: The Faculty Centre for Creativity Research, University of Surrey, Surrey, United Kingdom

Paul Sowden is a reader and the director of ILLUME: The Faculty Creativity Research Centre at the University of Surrey, where he also leads the Enhancing Thinking Research Group. His research has spanned the breadth of experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience using techniques including cross-cultural investigations, psychophysics, computational modelling, and neuroimaging. He has published numerous articles on diverse topics including visual expertise, learning and training, color perception, and creativity. His current work focuses on understanding the mechanisms of creative thinking processes, how they are influenced by factors such as mood, the physical environment and artistic activities such as improvisation and how this knowledge can support the design of interventions to enhance creativity. He is the International Representative of the Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts. Dr Sowden holds B.Sc. Ph.D. degrees from the University of Surrey.

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