Maya Morsy

Regional Gender Team Leader, UNDP Regional Bureau of Arab States, Egypt

Maya Morsy is the regional gender team leader for UNDP Regional Bureau of Arab States in Egypt. Prior to this position, she served as country coordinator and the head of office of UN Women Egypt Country Office, and before that, as the country program manager for United Nations Development Fund for Women, Egypt. She worked with UNDP Policy Unit and USAID, and served as the academic field facilitator for the undergraduate's public administration and management department in the City University Program and at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology through the Arab League. Maya co-authored books and papers on various topics, including Arab women's progress, women and international conferences, gender equality and democracy, gender discrimination, and Arab women security. Maya holds a B.A in political science with a minor in mass communication and journalism from the American University in Cairo, an M.B.A. from City University in Seattle, USA, and a Ph.D. in public policies from the Arab Regional Academic Institute and Cairo University Supervision on Public Policies and Women Human Security in the Arab Region.

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