J├Ârgen Nordenstr├Âm

Professor of Surgery, The Karolinska Institute

Jorgen Nordenstrom, MD.,Ph.D., is a professor of surgery at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated at University of Lund, postgraduate studies at Columbia-Presbytherian Medical Center in New York and obtained a MD-Ph.D. from Karolinska Institutet.

Research activity is mainly in endocrine surgery/metabolism and a long and interest in medical education and CPD. Also a strong interest in evidence-based medicine. He has written a textbook that has been translated into three languages, including English; Evidence-Based Medicine in Sherlock Holmes' Footsteps (Blackwell Publ., 2007).The publication list includes 150 original papers, chapters in text books and 5 books. His most recent book is a textbook (in Swedish) on value-based health care: Value-based Health Care - Are We As Good As We Can Be?, Karolinska Inst. Univ, Press, 2014. Present focus is related to health care quality improvement activities, particularly training and implementation of improvement strategies/processes. A national leadership program, Leadership for Value-Based Health Care, has been developed together with Johan Thor and is presently running.


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