Mary Tupan Wenno

Executive Director, ECHO, the Hague; President, European Access Network (EAN), London

Mary Tupan-Wenno is the executive director of ECHO, Center for Diversity Policy in The Hague, the Netherlands. ECHO is a nonprofit organization focusing on the development of new strategies, policy and practice to improve access and success of groups in society that are underrepresented in higher education and at the labor market. Ms. Tupan-Wenno's professional involvement on diversity and inclusion developments in higher education started when she was working for the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science as a policy advisor at the Department of Higher Education, where she was responsible for the development of policy regarding the improvement of the participation and success of ethnic minorities in higher education. Ms. Tupan-Wenno is also a founding member of the European Access Network (EAN) and is currently the president of its Executive Board. EAN encourages wider access and success in higher education for those who are currently under-represented, whether for reasons of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, age, disability, family background, vocational training, geographic location, or earlier educational disadvantage. Ms. Tupan-Wenno has more than 20 years of experience with policy and program development on the area of improving access and success of underrepresented groups in higher education, in particular ethnic minority students.

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