Sandra O'Connor

Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, JPMorgan Chase & Co, New York

Sandra (Sandie) O'Connor recently retired as chief regulatory affairs officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co after a 30 year career at the organization. She is a recognized financial industry expert and leader with unique insights on how regulatory reform and evolving market structure impact behaviors, changing activities and the flow of capital. Sandie has deep capital markets, risk management and financial services expertise. Over the last several years she served as the chair of the Federal Reserve's Alternative Reference Rates Committee, comprised of public and private sector members, charged with establishing an alternative rate to USD Libor and implementing a transition plan for the market. She is the chair emeritus of the Global Financial Markets Association and is the current chair of the Advisory Committee for the Salzburg Global Seminar Financial Services Forum. In addition to her work in financial services, Sandie serves as vice chair of the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Greater New York and has been named to American Bankers top 25 lists of the Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance multiple times. She is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.

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