Amre Moussa

Chairman, Committee of 50; former Foreign Minister of Egypt; former Secretary General of the League of Arab States

Amre Moussa was the Permanent Representative of Egypt to the U.N (1990 - 1991), the Foreign Minister of Egypt (1991-2001) and the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, (2001-2011). He ran for president of Egypt in the first democratic elections following the 25th January Revolution as an independent candidate with a vision to reform Egypt's ailing bureaucratic and economic infrastructure. He lost the elections but continued his political career and was elected member of the Constitutional Assembly to write the constitution of 2012. He led the Liberal members' efforts to produce a more liberal constitution, then led a collective resignation protesting attempts to monopolize the drafting of the constitution. Later on Moussa founded the Congress party of Egypt and was one of the founding members of the National Salvation Front established after the dictatorial Constitutional decree by the ex-President and led the popular move that caused it to be retracted. Amre Moussa was one of the leaders who called for and marched during the June 30th revolution that deposed ex-president Morsi and brought in reforms in accordance with a Road Map that started with amending the 2012 constitution and holding parliamentary and presidential elections. Moussa was chosen among the 50 member Constituent Committee to amend the constitution and was elected its president. The assembly succeeded in producing the new constitution which was approved on 18th January 2014.