Alfredo Dillon

Professor and Researcher, Social Communication Institute, Universidad Católica Argentina, Argentina

Alfredo Dillon graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and a Bachelor's degree in Literature from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). He has a Masters degree in Journalism from University of San Andrés (Argentina) and is currently undertaking a PhD in Social Sciences at Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has also specialized in International Information at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

He has been a professor at the Social Communication Institute at Universidad Católica Argentina since 2006. In 2010 he began to work as a researcher at the same university. His research interests include social networks, sensationalism, cultural industries, literature and cinema. He is part of the Audiovisual Communication Studies Program at UCA.

Besides his academic activities, he works as a journalist at Clarín, the biggest newspaper in Argentina, where he writes for the Education section.

Among his latest publications are Privacy in Facebook According to Argentine Teenagers (2014); What you see is what you get.. Identities of Argentine adolescents in Facebook (2013) and Communication, Social Networks and Democracy According to Journalists in Argentina (2012).

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