Lawrence Wilkinson

Co-founder and former President, Global Business Network, Emeryville, California

Lawrence WILKINSON is co-founder and chairman of Heminge & Condell, an investment and strategic advisory firm, and co-founder president of GBN, Global Business Network, both based in San Francisco. Through Heminge and Condell he is involved in venture formation work, and as a director and counselor to a number of companies that he helped create, among them Oxygen and Ealing Studios. At the same time, Mr. Wilkinson continues to focus on scenario and strategy development for companies in media, information technology, finance, retail, logistics/transport, and telecommunications. In addition, he is a director and strategic advisor to Ealing Studios, the oldest continuously operating film studio in the world, and a director of and advisor to Design Within Reach, an innovative retailer. He is the author, producer, or executive producer of dozens of articles, television programs, and feature films. Mr. Wilkinson graduated with honors from Harvard Business School, Oxford University, and Davidson College.

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