Kay Muir-Leresche

Executive Director, EcoNomics Africa, Harare; former Professorial Chair, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of Zimbabwe

Kay MUIR-LERESCHE is the executive director of EcoNomics Africa. From 1980 to 2002, Dr. Muir-Leresche taught at the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Zimbabwe where she served as chair of the department. Dr. Muir-Leresche is a policy economist specializing in agricultural and natural resource economics. She has been involved with research, teaching, and advocacy work related to agricultural macro policy, marketing, trade, the environment, and the political economy of structural reform. Prior to working in academia, Dr. Muir-Leresche gained experience in the marketing and trade of tobacco, minerals, and food in Harare and London. Dr. Muir-Leresche received a B.A. in economics from the University of South Africa and a Ph.D. from the University of Zimbabwe. She is an alumna of the Salzburg Seminar/EARTH College Symposium special session on Sustainability, Education and the Management of Change in the Tropics, 2000. She served as faculty member of Salzburg Seminar Session 420—Trade, Aid and Development: Policy Tools for Poverty Reduction, 2004.

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