Kate McCullough

Development Officer, Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform, Belfast

Kate McCullough is a development officer and team leader for the Northern Ireland Women's European Platform in Belfast, an organization working to ensure participation and debate in order to facilitate and increase women's contributions to social, economic, and political agendas; support service to women's organizations; and carry out activities such as advising, guiding, and supplying information to member organizations. Ms. McCullough has served as the executive director of the Women's Resource and Development Agency, executive director of Belfast Healthy Cities, and as an executive committee member of the Women's Support Network. She is the former assistant director of education services and the centre manager of the Dunlewey Substance Advice Centre, where she designed and implemented drug education for community groups, statutory agencies and NGOs. She is the former personal assistant to the union official of UNISON – Trade Union, providing training and education for women in the community. Ms. McCullough received a B.A. in general studies from Queen's University in Belfast and is presently pursuing an M.B.A. in management.


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