José Cervantes-Fonseca


José Gonzalo Cervantes is professor of family and community health at the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia. In this role, he implements problem-based learning in the curriculum of the University's medical program. His research interests include identifying change triggers in community settings for sustaining health and civic engagement; constructing models and methods to address community health and education issues; and assessing and forecasting healthcare supply, demand, and sustainability in diverse settings. Formerly, Dr. Cervantes has served as acting vice director of the Clínica Bautista, Barranquilla, and house staff general physician for the Ministry of Defense's Barranquilla naval base. In 1978 and 1989, as manager of the Institute of Social Security–Atlantic Section, he led the implementation of the 1977 social security reforms in the northern coast of Columbia. Prior to this, while serving as director of the Clínica Los Andes, Colombia, he pioneered the family medicine system. Dr. Cervantes received his doctoral degree in medicine and surgery from the Universidad del Cauca, Popayán.


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