Jorge Liotti

Professor, Universidad Católica Argentina, Argentina

Jorge Liotti is a teacher and researcher at Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), where he has focused on topics like International Journalism and Media and Political System. He was Head of the School of Journalism from 2008 to 2014. Jorge studied Journalism and Communications at Universidad del Salvador (Argentina) and Cinematography at Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía (Argentina). He holds a MA in International Studies from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom). He is a member of the accreditation team of Consejo Latinoamericano de Acreditación de la Educación en Periodismo (CLAEP). Jorge worked for UNESCO as co-author of the Model Curricula for Journalism Education. He has written several journal articles and book chapters on the relation between media and political system in Latin America. He also works as a journalist as Chief Editor of the Political Section at La Nación newspaper, the second largest in Argentina.

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