John Williamson

Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC; Project Director, United Nations High-Level Panel on Financing for Development, New York

John Williamson is a senior fellow at the Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC, where he has served since its founding in 1981. In 2001, Dr. Williamson served as project director for the United Nations High-Level Panel on Financing for Development, and from 1996 to 1999, he served as the chief economist for the South Asia Region of the World Bank. He has worked as an advisor to the International Monetary Fund on questions of international monetary reform related to the Committee of Twenty, and has served as an economic consultant to the Treasury of the United Kingdom on a range of international financial issues. Dr. Williamson has taught at the University of New York, the University of Warwick in England, and at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He has been a visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the London School of Economics, and Princeton University, New Jersey. He has published numerous books and articles concerning international monetary policy, most recently Exchange Rate Regimes for Emerging Markets: Reviving the Intermediate Option, 2000. Dr. Williamson received a B.Sc. in economics from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. from Princeton University.


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