Adam Golodner

Chief of Staff, Antitrust Division, United States Department of Justice, Washington, DC

Adam GOLODNER is the chief of staff of the Antitrust Division of the United States

Department of Justice. Mr. Golodner serves as advisor to the assistant attorney

general on mergers, civil non-merger actions, cartels, and competition policy. Mr.

Golodner has concentrated on matters relating to telecommunications, international

competition and trade, and agriculture. He also manages numerous issues relating

to the executive branch as well as congressional, departmental, public affairs, and

the internal administration of the Division. Mr. Golodner currently serves on President

Clinton’s E-Commerce Working Group. He was a member of Vice President Al

Gore’s National Information Infrastructure Task Force, and a non-voting member

of the Communications Committee of the National Association of Regulatory Utility

Commissioners. He also served as a member of the US delegation to the Seattle

meeting of the World Trade Organization. Before becoming chief of staff of the

Antitrust Division, Mr. Golodner was the deputy administrator of the Rural Utilities

Service of the US Department of Agriculture. Prior to beginning government service,

Mr. Golodner was a lawyer in a Denver, Colorado law firm.


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