John Blair

Former Professor of American Literature and Civilization, University of Geneva

John G. Blair has taught in Chinese universities for part of every year starting in 2001, most recently as distinguished visiting professor at Peking University in the autumn of 2015. At Beijing Foreign Studies University as of 2003 he created a new course which compares China and the West as civilizations, taught collaboratively with Jerusha McCormack at Beijing Foreign Studies University (where it is now a mandatory requirement for all graduate students in their School of English) as well as other universities in the PRC. The source book of readings for this course, co-authored with Prof McCormack, is published in Shanghai by Fudan University Press as Western Civilization with Chinese Comparisons. This course is now taught at ten Chinese universities. They also published in 2015 Thinking through China, their interpretive study concentrating on ten Chinese words central to Chinese worldviews. From 1970 to 2000 Professor Blair served as professor of American literature and civilization at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. His book Modular America: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Emergence of an American Way (1988) was awarded the Ralph Henry Gabriel Prize for interdisciplinary contributions to the field by the American Studies Association (USA). These years also brought him to the Salzburg Global Seminar several times as participant and faculty member. He most recently served on the faculty of ISP 17, Global Citizenship: America and the World, in 2007.


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