Jo Twist

Senior Research Fellow, Digital Society and Media, Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr), London; incoming Research Manager, Cross-Platform Audience Research, BBC

Jo TWIST is research manager of cross-platform audience research for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in London, United Kingdom, where she works directly with the controller of the multi-platform BBC Vision. Dr. Twist is a former senior research fellow and team leader of the Digital Society and Media Team of the Institute for Public Policy Research in London. Before joining the Institute, Dr. Twist was a technology reporter for BBC News and an online broadcast journalist for CBBC Newsround. An expert in citizen journalism, participatory media, social inclusion, social media, online communities, and social networking, her publications have appeared on BBC Ariel, BBC World Service, Go Digital, and also the BBC news website and various other radio and television outlets. She holds a Ph.D. in virtual communities from the University of Newcastle.

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