Fernando García Álvarez

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico

¡Hola! Ich heisse Fernando. Enchanté.

Over 21 years I have developed talents, whether those be artistic, purely academic, or in terms of perception and sensibility. I humbly know that I have skill to work in whatever area I want within Communications. Though I seldom have started doing so because of my over analytic personality, I do have learnt invaluable knowledge about how media such as Journalism, Advertising, Corporative image, Internet, Film, TV, etc. at the Universidad Iberoamericana with very talented and capable people on every field as my professors, and more importantly, I've continued to make questions and search for answers about the state of such fields thanks to the critical thought my University pursues, which has made me grow huge for the last three years now. I want to work within the media industries in my country and help bringing them to a whole new level of global recognition and quality. I am unquestionably grateful to my family who has always supported my formation as a human being as a whole and I must fulfill that feeling. I'm not sure if I have the skill necessary to do so, but I must not doubt anymore about it and just look ahead to my life wishes instead of hesitating; and worrying excessively about it would be a shot in my foot as well. Anyhow, for the time being I look forward to meeting you all and living valuable knowledge and experiences together.

Dozo yoroshiku.

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