Jennifer Palmer

Bournemouth Univeristy, United Kingdom

I am currently a second-year Communications and Media student at Bournemouth University. Whilst living in Nepal for almost five years I was able to travel to other countries in Asia and learn about new cultures and lifestyles which I found fascinating. It has fuelled a passion for travel in me! I enjoy interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds and I am looking forward to discussing views on particular global issues and how they are conveyed in the media. In the future I would like to explore the ways in which social media can be used for PR purposes within the communications industry. During my second year at university I learnt how to create a professional blog on WordPress with added CSS and HTML styling. The facilitation of digital technology within the communications industry is becoming a necessity, therefore the practical web skills I have learnt should prove valuable. I would be interested to learn more about how organisations, including charities, can use blogs for publicity purposes to gain audience reach. I would also like to continue writing my travel blog to inspire more young people to travel.

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