Antony Ojwang

Daystar University, Kenya

Antony is a Kenyan born next to the shore of lake Victoria, a land where every parent believed that if you were not a doctor, pilot or engineer that you were a letdown to the society. Just like martin Luther king Junior we all have dreams the only difference is some of us continue sleeping on our dreams while other wake up from slumber to see their dreams come true, I got hold of my dream to become a power house in the media industry. As I grew up to be the man I am today the main drive from where I came from to where I am is a positive mindset. That mindset has given me a chance to look at the world and instead of seeing hardship I see opportunity. Media is a strong tool a tool that should be handle by those who want to go the extra mile and make things happen. My ambition is to make a difference in this world through the media. Media is the caretaker of knowledge. Just like the flower the more one waters it the more it blossom, so is the media the more one interacts with it the more knowledgeable one becomes.

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