Adam Bennett

Bournemouth Univeristy, United Kingdom

I am keen to learn as much as I can about the issues currently facing global society and as a freelance journalist my background predominantly lies in human interest topics such as travel and history.

Whilst my personal background is from a freelance perspective, my time so far at Bournemouth University has been extremely busy as I regularly find myself juggling between my freelance commissions, university work and socialising with friends. I expect that the Salzburg Academy will be no different. I hope to understand more about hegemonic and counter hegemonic news outlets and am also keen to learn how citizen journalism, mobile journalism and social media have affected news as a 21st century global commodity.

During my time at the Salzburg Academy I hope to make new friends and explore academic opinion through debate - both in the pub and the classroom. I am also looking forward to going on day excursions, seeing Salzburg and its surrounding attractions.

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