Leticia CasarĂ­n

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico

I'm a passionate girl, committed with my career, my job, my country, family and friends. I love enjoying everyday my activities, I'm sociable, and love knowing different people, with different culture. I believe that's the way you grow and learn.

I'm studying communication at the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City, because I think that media is now the way to change a lot of things in the world, unfortunately people don't believe in politics and another associations, so they are looking forward to other options to believe in, and they are leaving a lot of the responsibility on media and communications, so I feel proud to be the one that gives people a new option, a new way to see, change and see the world. But I know that with this opportunity comes a big responsibility for all the ones that leadership this area.

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