Douglas Tham

Bournemouth Univeristy, United Kingdom

Coming from a family that has no further or even higher education, I am the first to attend University, and will be the first to have a degree. Being an International Student in the United Kingdom is not easy, but because it is because of that, it has made me the very determined person that I am today. This is what motivates me at the moment at University to do my best in my academic studies.

As well as my academics, I am involved with various extra curricular activities within University, as well as on an external level. I feel that alongside my education, it is important to better myself in more aspects than just academically. I want to be a well-rounded graduate when I finish, with as many different experiences as I am able to gain in such a great and free environment.

My future career is still undecided, though I have been thinking about working for the United Nations as one of my goals. This is because I believe in what the United Nations was created for, and what they stand for in areas on Peace and Security, Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and International Law. At the moment I study BA (Hons) Politics and Media at Bournemouth University, and I am looking to further my education by studying a Masters Degree in International Relations.

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