Camila Mur

Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Camila Mur and I'm studying Journalistic Communication at the Pontificial Catholic University of Argentina. I'm hoping to finish this year and to start to work as a journalist. For the past three years, I've been searching for my passion because I think it is very important for us as humans to do whatever we enjoy doing. And I think I found in journalism what I was looking for.

I'm interested in people's behaviour and the causes of their actions. The influence of media on the opinions of people is a very important fact in this matter and that's why I want to be a journalist. I'm looking forward to contribute on democracy and promote critical thinking in every citizen throughout my interpretation of reality, by reducing the excess of infotainment. To be able to change what has being going on for so many years I need people to support my idea because I think teamwork is essential to have good results.

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