Eduardo Aguilar Peralta

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico

After studying Actuary for 3 years, my true passion gave me a call: communicating. I switched majors for Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana. There, I could combine my interest in writing, photography and technology to achieve proyects that better suited my idea of sharing. Now, I expect to continue my education and get a Masters in Politics in order to get a job in journalism. This would help me get to a position where I'm able to share with the rest of the world my idea of what journalism should be and what it should achieve: information that serves the people and is curated in a way that doesn't swing the facts, instead, it helps people from different backgrounds get most out of it. My aspiration is to form my own news network online, where we could put the spotlight over news that help people make choices and avoid the "hollow news" that fill so many news outlets today. My main goal, as many other journalism students in this generation worldwide is to lend my hand in a slow process to change the world in service of the public audience.

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