Ulises Bobadilla

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico

I study Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico City. I've lived in Canada for one year at City of Barrie and in Heidelberg, Germany, for six months. I began practicing parkour and rock climbing since high school, and recently started on gymnastics. I'm also learning to play the sax (alto) and the guitar. Learning Serbo-Croatian or Slovenian is one of my top goals. My future plans are diverse, from writing a novel and being part of a band, to become a politician or sociologist and help my country in any way I can; in any case, I'd like to publish a book. I was a reporter for the local newspaper ""La Voz desde Zona Esmeralda"" and published the first "deep research reportage" (about local water issues), for which one of my interviewees earned an institutional recognition. I opened my own blog named Metarrelato5 a couple months ago, there I write anything that comes to my mind, analyzing daily-ness from a sociological point of view.

Btw, I love playing Monopoly and getting lost in the woods!

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