Patrick Ward

Bournemouth Univeristy, United Kingdom

I am studying a Masters degree in Multi-Media Journalism at Bournemouth University. I am originally from London, and have worked in print and online journalism for around ten years, starting when I was elected editor of London Student newspaper. Since then I have been deputy editor at Socialist Review magazine and a journalist/editorial team member at Socialist Worker.

As you can perhaps imagine, I have a strong interest in political issues, and would consider myself a campaigning journalist. I reported from Gaza following the Israeli invasion in 2009, and from the West Bank in 2004, reporting on how students were affected by the occupation. I have also reported from Tunisia, Egypt, Spain and elsewhere.

I have also been part of the Project India initiative while at Bournemouth University. This was a major project covering the Indian elections from a grassroots level, and involved me travelling to Mumbai and Gujarat.

Closer to home, I have used print, online and social media to report on social movements in the UK, from the trade unions to anti-war protests, the Occupy movement and anti-fascism.

I hope ultimately to be able to continue with this focus whether working freelance or for an established media outlet.

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