Cameron Holbrook

Emerson College, Boston, MA, USA

My name is Cameron Holbrook and I am currently a senior at Emerson College with a major in Communication Studies and a double minor in Political Communication and Leadership/Management. I am originally from Greenwich, CT and attended a boarding school called "Millbrook" in upstate New York for the majority of my high school career. My interest in communication and leadership arose after taking on a variety of leadership positions at my school and my ambitions to master the art of communication and sharpen my rhetoric lead me to Emerson. My biggest passion has always been music and for almost ten years now I have been playing guitar, singing and writing music both acoustically and electronically. Since high school, travel has taken on a pivotal role in my life and I have taken it upon myself to seek out new adventures and cultures whenever the opportunity presents itself. During my freshman year, I had the pleasure of studying abroad in Salzburg for a single semester. It has become a home away from home for me and I am beyond excited to be coming back!

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